Website Design

We’re proud to announce a full website design service here, at HP Music. Before we take on a job, we like to sit down with the client and talk through exactly what they want from their website and how they envision it.

Listed below is what we offer when making your website…

– Provide a web map before the building of the website commences.
– Once approved, we can build the entire website from the ground up.
– We can create any graphics and imagery required.
– We are able to include news pages and online stores.
– Both simple and advanced designs, anywhere from a few pages to more than a dozen.
– A paralex (one page) design
– Website hosting and implementation
(charges apply)

Check out some examples of our work below!



Basic Website


Maximum pages - 5
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Advanced website


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Website Management and maintenance

With website management, we can take away the stress of updating your website on a regular basis. No matter what changes you want made to your website, whether it’s simply uploading some new photos or adding a complete, brand new page, we can do it for you. All you need to do is just tell us what you want, send us any material required, and we’ll make the changes within 24 hours/1 working day.

Our website management package can cost anywhere between £50 – £200 per month.

*please note: we only tend to manage websites we have built our self using bespoke software*