At HP Music, we have an experienced, enthusiastic and versatile team of songwriters, with our in-house producer, Harrison Perks, having over 10 years experience of songwriting. We offer our songwriting and composition services to both advanced writers and clients who have never written a song before. We can help write the music, lyrics, production or establish general ideas for your songs. Or, we can provide you with the entire song.

We offer exclusive access to songwriting partnerships. If you would like to find out more about songwriting partnerships, please contact us here.

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    15 + years Experience

    With over ten years’ experience in writing music, in-house producer, Harrison Perks, has a wide knowledge of songwriting techniques and can help provide for any budding songwriter. Accompanying him, he has a team of versatile songwriters, allowing for even more versatility.

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    Experience with Popular Artists and genres

    HP Music have worked with popular and experienced artists across a wide range of musical genres.

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    Exclusive Songwriting partnerships

    Offering exclusive songwriting partnerships, HP Music provides top quality songwriting hand chosen by us.