Full music production is what transforms a song from its basic core to the final product you hear on albums and single releases. Many artists come to us with a vocal melody and the chords on guitar or piano. Getting to work in the recording studio, we add a full-band sound to the songs, writing and recording drums, bass, guitars (both electric and acoustic), piano, string instruments, backing vocals and any other added layers to the instrumentation.

With the in-house producer, Harrison Perks, capable of playing over ten instruments and with access to a collection of sessions musicians, we’re able to professionally produce the sound the client desires. We can create the song you envision, no matter what the style or genre!

Pre Production

Have you ever wanted to hear your song with more instruments? Here, we can offer just that! And, if you wouldn’t know where to start, that’s okay! Pre-production is all about experimenting with the artist and their songs, bringing a song to a life. As mentioned above, we have many artists come to us with a vocal melody and the chords. It is in the pre-production stage where we build on that, transforming the basics of the song into a fully-produced sounding track. We offer this service to every client that comes to us on a pay-per-song agreement when recording.