“Harrison has quickly become someone I look forward to hearing from. Every track I master for him has his own unique sound and flavour. You can physically hear how much time and effort has gone into the whole production process. One of the most talented songwriters you’ll hear. My friend summed his songwriting of country music up the other week when I showed him his track. Said it was “Nashville quality.”

What I like about Harrison’s recording style is it never too hot. It’s never to forced everything is natural. It’s a pleasure to work with any of Harrison tracks as it makes my life so much easier knowing I’m going to be working with a great recording.

I’d honestly put Harrison up there with some of the best. I’m not a big country fan myself. Wasn’t something I grew up listening to. But I know a well recorded, well written and well produced song when I hear it and that’s what I love. This guys going to go a long way. Not only because he’s great at what he does he’s also got the right attitude. He’s someone everyone will look forward to working with and I can only imagine writing sessions have an amazing vibe.”

Paul Ashmore ( Audio Animals Mixing And Mastering Engineer )


Always a pleasure working with HP Music! Would recommend them to any artist at any level and anyone who is seeking music lessons from beginner to advanced.
HP Music is the place to go for all your music, photography, video and media design you need. All under one roof and owned, managed and run by a team of amazingly talented people who are completely devoted to making sure you leave with exactly what you came in for and more. They will go the extra mile every time. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!
Harrison and the team are the best I have ever worked with! Being an artist at HP has given me a new found confidence and drive to achieve my goals. I recommend 1 million percent!
Harrison and his team are both talented and professional. Combined with fantastic facilities, the recently opened HP Music Production Studio, in Highcliffe, Dorset, offers a ‘hub’ of creative music activity. Absolute heaven for anyone musically inclined!
“Working with Harrison of HP music has been a great experience for me. I was very impressed with his recording techniques and the way he captured the instruments, which meant our songs were really sounding great early on in the recording process. I also noticed his musical knowledge is outstanding when it comes to understanding individual instrument and vocal lines. He was able to identify exactly what a track needs to help get the best out of the song. On top of all of this, he was a really nice guy to work with and the whole process was a lot of fun.”

Josh Rose


“I’ve spent years looking for the right sound, recently I think I found it. I wanted to capture it perfectly and Harrison delivered well above my expectations.

From tracking acoustic guitars and vocals all the way through to production he pushed for the best performance possible and I think the results speak for themselves.

Harrison has everything from the equipment and location to world-class musicianship, It’s not everyday that you meet someone with such ability and his services wont break the bank.”

Carlos Heath


“HP Music are a fantastic company to be represented by because they provide all the services I need under one roof. As an artist who’s got a firm idea of what I want the production to sound like, from the first recording session I felt confident that we were was able to achieve the quality I’m looking for.

For the short amount of time I’ve been working with the team, we’ve got multiple projects up and running and have put together a plan to get my career to the place I’m aiming for.”

Sam Horton )