What makes HP Music a unique recording studio?

We are not JUST a recording studio! We offer all of our clients everything they could possibly need as musicians and artists all under one roof, at an affordable rate and a professional standard.

Affordable | Professional | Any Genre

At our competitive rate of £25 per hour or on our unique, pay per song basis, HP Music provides a professional, yet relaxed, experience whilst we work toward your high-end product. Plus, with our diverse knowledge of the industry, we don’t hesitate with any genre – we can do it!

Latest Equipment and production techiques

With our recording studio, we provide the latest digital equipment and recording software. And, our in-house, fully-qualified producer will be with you at all times!

A Diverse, Specialist Team

Working in, and alongside, our recording studio, HP Music has a phenomenal team of industry specialists. We have an in-house producer, capable of playing several core instruments to a high standard; songwriters in most genres; and a collection of professional session musicians to call upon. This allows HP Music to offer anything that the artist may require for their recording, ensuring that the client can feel fully confident that they’ll always have the helping hand they need.

0% payment plan

HP Music is one of the only UK recording studios offering 0% payment plans to their clients, when paying for our services. This provides a much more affordable and realistic opportunity for our clients.

Custom acoustical environment

In our recording studio, we offer a fully controlled listening environment. This is given to you by our customized, rich control room and live room.

About the recording Studio

HP Music is set in the beautiful, lush setting of Highcliffe, in the heart of Dorset. This comes with the bonus of being two minutes away from sandy beaches and attractions, such as Highcliffe Castle. Our recording studio is in the perfect location for writers and recording artists to relax, find inspiration or to simply take a short break between sessions.

The recording studio itself can accommodate up to ten people, giving flexibility and options to our clients. Our large live room and state of the art control room lead to a fantastic and professional experience.

In total, the recording studio consists of ten rooms, including teaching rooms and a fully functional video and photography room. We also have kitchen facilities and are next door to coffee shops and general stores.


The Live Room
The recording studio’s live room is spaciously designed and equipped for recording a variety of styles and artists, from solo and duos to full bands and more! The live room contains the latest gear, ensuring high-quality production on all pieces of music, using Pro Tools HD, NEVE, SSL and UAD.

The Control Room
Like our recording studio’s live room, the control room is specially designed to cater for the needs of our wide variety of artists and clients. Along the rear wall is a two meter squared, acoustic diffuser. Accompanying it, are state of the art, wooden acoustics for a warm, rich and accurate listening environment. A comfortable sofa sits behind the mixing desk, creating a pleasant room ideal for reviewing any recordings in a relaxed manner. Take a look at our equipment list to see the vast range of equipment used with the recording studio for production, mixing and capturing your music.

The Media Room
As well as a professional recording studio, HP Music’s facilities consist of a fully-functional, in-house video and photgraphy room – otherwise known as the media room. It consists of two backdrops: a large, black curtain, perfect for filming; and a white, paper sheet, designed for slick and simplistic photoshoots. As well as this, the media room contains a fully customisable lighting rig, allowing for flexible and professional in-house photo and video shoots.

The Teaching Rooms
Located within HP we have fully treated teaching rooms. It is in these rooms where our music lessons take place, whether it be singing, guitar or drum lessons. They consist of a keyboard, perfect for singing and piano tuition; an electric drumkit; and a high-end Bose PA system, to use in all lessons. These rooms are also there for our artists to rehearse and write in, providing them with a professional and private location to practice.

Other rooms include…
The Break Room
The Vault Which doubles up as a full echo chamber