production lessons

  • About Our Production Lessons

    In our production lessons, you can learn the art of music production. With our in-house producer, Harrison Perks, you will learn all you need to know in our acoustically treated control room, with the latest hardware and equipment.

  • What Equipment Can You Learn On?

    In our music production lessons, our students get access to all of our recording studio’s equipment. This includes analog hardware and the latest digital software.

  • What’s covered in your production lessons?

    In our music production lessons, Harrison will show you a range of techniques and teach you the basics, right through to the advanced, techniques – all used by professional producers in the music industry.

  • The five key areas covered are…

    – Tips and tricks as used by the professionals
    – The theory of sound, from basic through to advanced
    – Analysing songs and elements
    – Production techniques
    – Recording techniques

  • Can i choose what i learn?

    Of course you can! In our music production lessons, Harrison will cater for your every need and ensure that your goals are achieved. Equally, if you simply wish to learn a particular aspect of production, or have some fun by using a professional producer’s recording studio and gear, Harrison will ensure that you are happy with your lessons and enjoying them. This can all be done in both modern and ‘old school’ techniques, drawing on Harrison’s own training and experience from the past ten years.

  • learn from real sessions!

    Our production lessons offer the opportunity to shadow our in-house producer in our signed artists’ sessions. This is always a rewarding experience for our students, as it teaches you to handle problems, issues and situations that simply can only be replicated outside of the regular lessons’ setup.