Piano Lessons

  • About Our Piano Lessons

    In our piano lessons, we ensure that you become the piano player you want to be. Becoming skilled at playing with both hands can give you an amazing sound and help boost your confidence. In our piano lessons, we can focus on a range of graded work, genres, styles and songs. Which ones? That is for the student to decide. The piano can be a perfect complement for singers, an extra tool for songwriters, and a great instrument to learn for your own enjoyment!

  • What Style of piano do you teach?

    Our piano lessons touch on a variety of styles and techniques. Harrison is experienced in classical piano and went through the ABRSM board, so students can be confident that they will be receiving a high quality learning experience. In addition, he is able to teach a wide variety of styles and genres, such as Blues, Classical, Rock, Pop and Jazz piano.


    In our piano lessons, we teach the fundamental core of piano skills as a starting platform. This enables the students to have a basic understanding of the keyboard. When students are ready, we’re able to move on from the basics and focus on a range of more advanced techniques, shaping them into the pianist they wish to be.

  • The six key areas include…
    – Accompaniment for singers
    – Basic to advanced hand technique
    – Basic to advanced theory
    – Playing well known popular songs and chords
    – Performance techniques
    – General technique
  • Do I have to learn everything?

    As the student, it is entirely up to you! In our piano lessons, we ensure that we follow a program that you are happy with, focusing on everything you want to. Whether you wish to learn basic chords, or you want to master the advanced theory and techniques in playing piano, Harrison will tailor the piano lessons to your needs. There are no limitations and he’ll work closely with the student to ensure that the piano lessons are moving at the student’s pace and, at the end of every lesson, the student is happy with their experience and progress.

  • Can i take exams?

    Yes, of course! We can teach ABRSM (the exam board of The Royal College Of Music) and Rockschool.