• What are Artist Packages?

    We offer our clients packages where the artists get access to all of our services in an all-in-one, discounted monthly package. They are adaptable to each individual artist and, dependant on whether they choose the silver, gold or platinum package, they are given ‘x’ amount of hours per month, resorting to weekly sessions in the recording studio.

    Every artist is different and we make sure that their package and plan is suited to their needs. With all of our services at their disposal, we work towards their musical ambitions and help their business and brand grow. Crucially, we make sure that the artist is always having fun and enjoying their music. We pride ourselves in the managing our artist’s artwork, media, designs and marketing and, in taking the responsibility of these on, we allow the artist to relax and focus on the creative side of being a musician.

    Signing up to an artist package can save you over 50% on our services and facilities. And, you won’t ever regret it!


    As mentioned before, you find yourself with ‘x’ amount of hours per month, where we, HP Music, are at your disposal. Arranging this into weekly sessions, we strive toward your ambitions. On our artist packages program, you could expect:

    – Full studio recordings
    – Use of live musicians, in and out of the recording studio
    – Photoshoots
    – Videoshoots
    – Artist development
    – Distribution of your recorded singles, EPs and albums
    – Songwriting
    – Music lessons
    – Management
    And much more!


    Signing up to one of our artist packages can save you a lot of money on our services and facilities. When you compare how much time you have with us each month, compared to our hourly rate, you will find that you will be saving money with every service we provide.

    Plus, you will be represented by HP Music as one of our signed artists! We’ll work thoroughly with the artists to help them achieve their goals.

  • Do i have to be an original artist?

    No, you don’t. Our artist packages are there for all kinds of musicians and artists! Whether you’re simply looking to learn and build your music portfolio, or you’re looking to get gigs and build a live, promotional CV, we can help you. We already have a number of artists signed to HP Music who are benefiting from this support.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our artist packages can cost anywhere upwards of £199.99 per month. Below, you can see more details on the pricing.

  • Can i make a custom package?

    Of course you can! We can create tailored plans to suit your specific needs. As well as this, we offer a range of further discounts, too.

  • are there any limitations?

    Time is the only limitation! With each package, there is an allotted time given to the artist, to fulfill their targets. However, as HP Music believes in every one of its artists, our team is flexible and patient, wanting to achieve the goals of every artist, just as much as they do!

  • Can bands sign up?

    Bands are more than welcome to sign up! All of our packages cater for any form of artist or act, whether that be a singer-songwriter or a five-piece rock band. To discuss your specific needs or find out more, please visit our contact page and get in touch.

Silver Standard Artist Package


    – Save over 10% per month!
    – 8 hours of services per month

Gold Advanced Artist Package


    – Save over 20% per month!
    – 15 hours of services per month

Platinum Premium Artist Package


    – Save over 30% per month!
    – 22 hours of services per month
    – Premium extras


Bronze Basic Artist Package


    – Save over 20% per month!
    – 6 Hours of Services Per Month

Silver Standard Artist Package


    – Save over 30% per month!
    – 12 Hours of Services Per Month

Gold Premium Artist Package


    – Save over 45% per month!
    – 22 Hours of Services Per Month
    – Exclusive extras on Gold Package

With the hours that every package provides, the artist will have access to any of the HP services such as:

  • Vocal Lessons
  • Image Development
  • Show support
  • Equipment assistance
  • Original song writing assistance
  • Professional Music Videos
  • Industry assistance
  • Exclusive masterclasses
  • Priority Sponsor and Partner offers

  • Professional studio recording
  • Artist representation, management services and assistance
  • Performance Development
  • Develop with industry professionals
  • 4K Youtube videography
  • Social networking assistance
  • Online media profile development
  • Full production recording sessions
  • Music publishing assistance

  • Development Assistance
  • Industry standard photoshoots
  • Artist Mentoring
  • Discounted extras
  • Portfolio Building
  • Instrumentation tuition
  • Website Design Asstiance
  • Development Assistance
  • Backing track creation

  • Original song writing with Professionals
  • Music Copyright and Legal Advice
  • Full Production Music Videos

Gold Exclusive

  • Album Recording
  • Artist Collaboration
  • Use of live sound equipment

  • Priority live performances
  • Artist Extras

* Please note: that the hours mentioned above are just an average. Due to certain targets, some months may require more hours than others. This can lead to less hours in another month.*