HP Music was founded by owner Harrison Perks in 2013, after many years of producing and working in bands. 

Harrisons affinity with music started at the age of 3 when he began learning the piano and guitar. Now a multi-instrumentalist, Harrison is a production and composition force and heads the production department in the studio.


In 2018, Harrison signed two publishing sync deals and spends his time outside of sessions producing film and television scores. Harrisons ability to engineer, mix, master and compose is recognized on an international scale. 

HP music was created to be a studio that was unlike any other, building a home for unsigned and established artists, to write music, make content and further their careers - all for an affordable price.

In 2014, Artist Development was introduced as a service to give an artist everything they needed in one monthly affordable package. With the full team working in different departments, it has become the flagship service for HP Music and one that is unrivalled in the UK. 

HP Music is now staffed with industry experts, producers managers and tutors and our dedicated team has shaped the studio that we know and love today. 

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